Here’s how many more homes could be coming to Milton over the next 6 years

Future developments part of Region of Halton’s allocation program for 2020

Milton council has given the go-ahead for future housing developments under the Region of Halton’s allocation program for 2020, which will also determine municipal servicing extension such as water and sewer.

In the Monday night (Jan. 20) meeting, Planning and Development Commissioner Barb Koopmans shared that the town has received expressions of interest from developers and landowners to build 8,410 housing units over the next six years.

“Specific expressions of interest were received for 4,563 SDEs (single-detached equivalent units) in the Boyne survey; 709 SDEs in the Sherwood survey, including Milton Heights; 372 SDEs in the Bristol survey; and 2,766 SDEs in what will be the Trafalgar secondary plan area,” said Koopmans.

Combined with allocation from previous programs, the total is 12,274 units.


Of the new allocation, only 60 units are listed as affordable purpose-built units.

“It’d be nice to see a higher number, but still we’ll take what we can get,” Derksen replied.

Coun. Kristina Tesser Derksen sought clarification whether developers were mandated to set aside certain number of units for affordable housing. Koopmans responded it wasn’t the case; these were simply “the expression of interest of a particular developer identifying that they were interested in building that many units.”